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Year in review

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I thought I should do a recap for this year. Though also for some typing practice.

I started this year unemployed, and still burned out from the last job. I do not remember the states of my finances, but I do get a new job later on

In no particular order:

# Momo

I got my cat Momo. She is on the opposite end of the personality spectrum compared to Yar. She is confident and unfazed by new people. She even purrs at the vet.

She is also overweight and wants to eat everything. I had to buy some fancy food bowls that specifically open for registered chips. It has been an ordeal trying to keep the cats from each others food. Momo is not allowed to eat Yar's food as she is fat and needs to lose weight. Yar is not allowed to eat Momo's food as he has allergies and requires medication.

She loves to play with toys. Though so did Yar when he was her age (2). He no longer cares much about them at 4. We will see if she follows a similar route.

# Hogwarts Legacy

This game sucked ass. Complete waste of $102 CAD. I wish I never bought and played it. It shouldn't even be in this post but I want to vent about just how much of a let down that game is. Incredible IP wasted on a subpar game.

# My Partner

She left Canada to pursue her PhD in the states. I am hoping to move there too to support her. She has been having a rough time, but I think she will pull through.

# Side stuff

Activity on my usent downloader has stalled since starting a new job. It's hard to find time in the day to both gym and have time left over for programming after work.

I have managed to rework my dad's site stuff for a third time, this time with NixOS. There should be an upcoming blog post about it.

The hard part, as mentioned before, is finding the time now that I employed again.

# My old team

I got to meet my old team in person. I quit right before there the company get together post COVID. They are a nice and fun bunch but "stuck" at a crap company that pays too much 😉.

# My new team

I started a new job and met my new team in person too! The name of the place is Psiphon and they work in internet cencorship circumnavigation. Smart folks that work primarily in go. If there is one thing I am grateful for it's that I wont have to touch ruby again for a long time.

Work culture at the company is unique, hands off and low meetings. The company places a lot of trust in the employees to get the job done and I hope I don't betray that trust. Not fired yet.