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Covid-19, condos and dogs

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It has been an interesting year (or two). Covid has caused a lot of people to adopt new pets, myself included. Why not? We're all home all the time anyway right?

The issue with this is that I live in a condo (I'll get around to writing about all the joys of owning a condo). This means if you, or your new dog, ends up making a lot noise (read: barking) all your neighbours suffer. You can complain to the property manager and they can do something about it, but because of covid, your property manager probably doesn't care. They didn't care before covid either, but they sure as hell don't now.

These horrible dog owners then cause other issues with their pets. Like pissing in the elevators. Pissing on their balconies which then drip down to other units. Taking a crap in the lobby. Leaving their dog tied to a pole outside of the condo building while they are off doing w/e.

If you are going to live in a condo, do yourself a favour and find one that has a strict no dog policy.

Imran didn't you say you get a new pet as well? Yeah, I got a cat.