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Trying out James Hoffman's donut espresso

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Last week James Hoffman came out with a video about how to make a tasty donut flavoured espresso drink. The full recipe is here.

I wanted to try it but I had hard time getting donuts. I ended up getting some generic donuts from my local grocery store (I forget to take a picture before making the recipe).

Empty donut package

Here are the donuts all chopped up and added to the pot, I ended up using oat milk:

Chopped up donuts in a pot with oat milk

And here there are after 30 minutes of soaking and simmering:

Donut and oat milk soup

After chilling in the fridge over night here is the final filter. I decided to use a reusable coffee filter. In the future I would rather use a paper filter as the reusable filter did not survive this experiment. Ironic.

Donut milk strained through a reuseable coffee filter

And here is the finished product:

Donut espresso in a Kruve glass

# Thoughts

Over all pretty fun to make. The end result was much too rich. This is perhaps because I got the ratio of donut to milk wrong. Since the donuts in the package were pretty small I thought I would use 8 donuts. This was a miscalculation on my part as a Krispy Kreme donut weights in at 49 g (source) and these donuts would be 550/12 (= ~46 g). My resultant donut infused milk would be twice the concentration that it's supposed to be.

I would not mind doing this again in the future (maybe make a recurring ritual out of it), but next time I should weigh my donuts before infusion.