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Going back to the gym

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The province that I am in lifted covid restrictions for the gym. I used to work out a lot before covid, during the pandemic I have co-opted more of a sedentary lifestyle.

I signed up for a new membership as soon as possible to the closest gym. The first workout (per body part) always sucks.

  1. The weights that I am able to lift is far below what I used to be able to do
  2. I am going to be sore for days after the workout and the worked out body parts will be quite useless

Despite the pain, it's a pleasant experience. It has a huge improvement on my mood, though going outside might also contribute to that. I am super hoping that the government does not lock things down now that vaccine administration is nearing 80ish percent.

My old gym goal used to be a 600 lb deadlift before I was 30. I think it might be doable to achieve by 35 (sitting pretty at 135 lbs at the moment).

Oh and in other happier news, the vertigo has gone (more like I just got used to it)! At the least it has not affected any of my workouts and I hope it remains that way.