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Put some effort in for goodness sake

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Incredibly simple trick to figure out how lazy the programmers behind a company are, just view the transactional emails sent by said company as text instead of html.

I made the switch over to plaintext email a little over a year ago and it's just sad seeing how programmers at billion dollar companies drop the ball on this. There will be stray html tags like <ul> or <li> inside the email, the formatting is just horrendous. Or my personal favourite, from Charles Schwab, a nicely formatted message saying that the content belongs solely to the html message.

Schwab programmers sucking ass

If you view the raw message, you will see the access code nested inside a HUGE chunk of useless html.

Schwab programmers sucking ass still

This 6 digit code needed for login is somehow magically only for html emails 🙄.

# How is this lazy/bad?

Sending multipart emails is stupid simple, every web framework has an easy way to send email that has an argument for plaintext and html message bodies. For example here is django's documentation, and here is rails'. The effort to support plaintext is negligible. Yet somehow nearly every company and their development team manages to fuck it up.

Y'all get paid too much money to be half-assing things like this.