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Status update, August 2022

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Damn it has been a long time since I have posted anything on my blog. The biggest difference between then and now is that I have quit my job.

# Why?

I was not happy. For those who know me, it's no secret that I don't enjoy web development. Doubly so, if its with rails. I feel like I have not learnt anything new despite being at the job for two years. Web development isn't a technically deep field, once you know how to throw objects in a database and how to display them there's not much left to do.

I am in a position where not having employment for a while is not a big deal. This means that I can spend my time doing what I want to do, instead of using it primarily for work. Coupled with the fact that I have my citizenship and new passport, I want to enjoy as much time off work as possible.

# What comes next?

For now, a lot of rest and relaxation. It's possible to enjoy the sun instead of wasting it indoors working. I do have some side projects that I want to work on, focused on learning things I did not get the oppurtunity to work on at my previous employment.

I will be trying to write more, as now I have enough time to do so. Plus it gives me motivation to actually complete the projects that I write about. The act of writing things down supposedly increases the chances that those things will actually get done.

My funds will deplete, and I will need to seek employment again, but until then I want to complete as much of my projects done as possible, as well as some well deserved travelling done.