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Status Update

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Well it's been a sold three months since my last blog entry. Not a lot has happened, but at the same time some stuff has.

Most importantly, I, at long last, have gotten my Canadian citizenship. This has been 14 years in the making. I am now awaiting for the processing of my passport application so that I can have that sweet Canadian traveling privilege.

With relation to my blog, there is nothing that I have felt like blogging about. I sold my condo and moved into a rental. I wanted to write up a post about all the lessons learnt from that ordeal, but I could not bring myself to do so. I do not like writing, and there is nothing interesting that I have done. This is why this post is just a status update.

# Real world stuff

  1. I own a couch now (technically a love seat, since a couch would not fit through my door).
  2. I own a coffee table, as well as a cabinet for the bathroom.
  3. The gym is going well, muscle is starting to come back
    1. bench is at a plate 25
    2. squat is at 2 plates
    3. deadlift is at 3 plates
    4. overhead shoulder press is at 35

My weight is gradually coming down. My goal is to have all my covid weight gone by next year. My right arm is pretty weak compared to my left, this makes sense given my injuries. My grip strength is preventing me from attempting higher weights (at least for deadlift).

I want to get a second cat. I worry that Yar gets bored during the day. I can't play with him during work, and I am too exhausted after the gym. His previous owners donated him to the humane society because he didn't place nice with other pets, so getting another cat is probably not the best idea.

# Digital stuff

I am constantly fidgeting with my lua scripts for neovim, it's quite fun. I want to use fennel instead but have been procrastinating. There's the overhead of running a VM inside of neovim, but I can also use the AOT compilation to just output lua files.

I have had the pleasure of using Go at my day job. After years of python and ruby, it's a breath of fresh air. Plus it feels like a modern day C, which earns it a lot of brownie points in my book.

Rust seems cool, but is just so darn overcomplicated. I want to like it, but there are a couple things that just rub me the wrong way:

  1. It feels more like C++ than C
  2. cargo feels like npm. To do anything useful you'll need to cargo add your way through a lot of things. It does not help that every guide for rust encourages this behaviour.
  3. Code in the wild is unreadable.
  4. The rust fan's rub me the wrong way and treat the language the "end all be all" of programming languages.

The whole cargo aspect of rust is also what makes it hard to include in existing projects (e.g. linux). Offline and reproducible builds are important and modern languages just poop all over it.

I have been trying to contribute packages to Guix, as well as use it more. It's a neat piece of tech, but not as popular as it's counterpart, nix. Part of my dislike of rust also comes from trying to package binaries for it, see the above point about reproducibility.

A language that excites me is Zig. It seems to embody everything I love in a programming language, fingers crossed for the 1.0 launch. I have an idea or two of what I would like to build with it, but between work and gym, I don't have much time or energy to do anything in my free time.